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  About 04/01 Fool's.net  
  The April Fool's Web Sites started out innocent enough in 2005 with SPOTS (Superior Portable Outdoor Tinkle Stations) - After getting a mention @ the Burning Man Town Hall of that year I figured this could be a great creative outlet for me in Humor - Web Design & of course with Photoshop. In 2006 I premiered BRCellular and had an unmanned booth setup at the 2006 Burning Man Town Hall.  
  In 2009 I submitted Gerlach/Empire Nevada get assistance in Securing Economic Stimulus Money which was included on the Front Page of the Burning Man Web Site.  
  April Fool's ala Burning Man - By Scotto  
  In 2010 I came up with these two intros to the launch of 04/01  
  Burning Man to offer Gated Communities in 2010

We have listened to your feedback; we have heard your concerns about unwanted folks wandering into your camp, cutting thru to get to the next street and the security of your valued possessions. Burning Man’s Metropolis 2010 layout will include Gated Communities, strictly controlling ingress and egress for pedestrians, bicycles, and mutant vehicles to ensure that your camp, your Playa Gear remain safe & secure.

To enter a gated community a person must be a registered resident with photo ID or the person must have a friend in the gated community who gives specific permission to the security guards at the gate to that effect. Art grants are available for design submissions for the three main entrances into the Gated Community, Berlin, Moscow & Tokyo; Deadline is 04/01/10.

Nevada’s Happy Cows Return Gift to Burning Man

For years Northern Nevada’s dairy industry has benefitted from the annual Burning Man Festival with donations of tons of food scraps left behind by those that camp in the Black Rock Desert. Now it is time for them to return the gift. The Cow Union and Dairy Farmers have finished an agreement that will provide Fresh Milk (Whole & 2%) to the Center Camp Café and will be setting up a daily Playa-wide delivery schedule. Gone are the days of powdered creamer!!

Sign up today and have Fresh Milk with your coffee, a win-win for both Nevada’s Happy Cows and all who enter the gates of Black Rock City.
  So here we are Ten (10) Years later with 43 Web Sites +1 - I have personally come a long way with my view of what is Funny; What can and should be poked fun at - I have also come a long way with my Photoshop Skills.  I am unsure what the future will bring as I might be running out of ideas for new web sites ala 04/01 - The other issue is the COST of the continual upkeep of the Domain Names as there are Seventeen (17) up for renewal @ ~$10/Domain/Year.  
  So Please ENJOY this tribute to April Fool's 04/01 - via the Comedic Mind's Eye of Scotto, Scottobob, ScottoBobScotto, Bob, Jim, Gus & Sir Jim Of Bob, Scott Platsky.  
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