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  Scotto is not just an awesome Web Designer - His Burning Man related volunteer efforts extend to many departments and influence many within the Arizona Region and the World-Wide Burner Community.

There are Two (2) Seasons @ Scotto's House - Football Season & Burning Man Season (Which of course is a year-round Sport)
      Scott (Scotto) Platsky
  - 15yr Burning Man Lifer
  - Lead Greeter
  - Web Team since 2003
  - Ultranet Liaison
  - EPlaya Moderator
- AfterBurn QA Team
  - Forms QA
  - Benevolent Dictator PolyParadise
  - Arizona Regional Contact
  - Co-Lead Saguaro Man (AZ Regional Event)
  - Co-Lead Arizona Decompression
  - Web Design Work Professional - Burning Man
- Burning Man will change your life - You just do not know how yet...  
- Everything you take to Burning Man - including yourself will never be the same  
- Burning Man is a Participatory SPORT - Lead by example  

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